QX-10 monitor cable

 7-pin    8-pin
monitor   QX-10     function    wire color (original)
-------   -----     --------    ----------
 1 ------- 8        video       shielded wire
 2 ------- 5        v. sync     grey
 3 ------- 4        h. sync     red
 4 ------- 1        +12 V       brown
 5 ------- 2        sync gnd    green
 6 ------- 7        video gnd   shield
 7                  none
           3        none
           6        none

The pictures referred to below are at the QX-10 site way-back machine copy

The first column corresponds with the qxcrt01.gif pin definition, the connector at the back of the monitor. The left part of the cable3.gif picture.

The second column is the pin out at the QX-10. The right part of the cable3.gif picture.

The last column is the default wire color. This has nothing to do with the signal, just the colors of the original Epson cable.

The cable3.gif also learns that for a short cable no shielding for the video signal is needed.

Note that the sequence of the connector pins doesn't seem very logical. It helps to know the connector was originally defined by the DIN-organisation (Deutsche Industrie Norm) to have just three pins for audio (mono record, ground and playback), later extended to five (stereo), and still later to seven and more.

The QX-10 with monochrome monitor uses weird sync frequencies: 19.3 kHz horizontal and 45.8 Hz vertical.