Yet another computer museum - The Epson QX-10 disk images

Operating systems

The operating systems below are probably related to the different regional versions of the QX-10.

Don Maslin was very generous to send me some QX-10 related disk images to sort out. I rearranged the images to logical sets (for me). If someone knows better, I would be happy to make changes. Note however that I added several images from different sources.

The images are made with TeleDisk. TeleDisk 2.11 works with 40 track drives (IBM 360 kByte) and TeleDisk 2.16 works with with 80 track drives (IBM 1.2 MByte, HD). It is advisable to use an old DOS based machine; 386, 486 or Pentium class to make disks. Modern computers are too fast for the TeleDisk program.

Since Dave Dunfields ImageDisk became available, I planned to move the images to that format. Not only is it legally free and maintained, it also is more forgiving for the drives(40 or 80 track) and CPU speed.

USA standard version:
CP/M-80 R2.2 for QX-10 & QX-16 Copyright Epson America Inc. Multi Bank version B2.27 uses HASCI keyboard by default. README.TXT
HASCI version:
TMP-II for QX-10 256K V2.44 03/05/84 Copyright 1983 by C.D.L. (Valdocs OS) README.TXT
European MultiFonts version:
QX-10 MultiFonts CP/M v.2.2. It includes the MultiFont Basic 1.3 and supports the Multifonts Q10 option card. README.TXT
Upgrade for the European MultiFonts version:
QX-10 CP/M Plus Supplied by MML Systems Ltd. Version 3.1A (01:Jun:84). A CP/M Plus which makes full use of the extra memory (RAM disk) and graphic capabilities (MultiFonts). The MultiFonts Basic does not work. README.TXT
Upgrade/extension for USA versions:
Titan harddisk card and PC card software README.TXT
Rising Star Valdraw and Valpaint:
Valdraw and Valpaint two sets, probably different versions. README.TXT
Rising Star Valdocs+:
Valdocs+ two sets, probably different versions. One has release date Oct.85. README.TXT
Rising Star Valdocs2:
Valdocs 2 TD0. README.TXT
Rising Star Valdocs+III:
Sets as received from Don Maslin:
DonMaslin set. README.txt
Disk image set (IMD) from Larry Greene
includes the Valdocs+ set, PeachTree PT5000, CP/M 2.2 and Champion business accounting software list of images.txt
QX-10 disks copied from Dave Dunfield:
dunfield_qx10. README.TXT
dunfield_qx10cpm. README.TXT
dunfield_qx10vdoc. README.TXT

Other software

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