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PX-4 ROM images

All these are zipped HEX files. Hex is short for HEX-Intel, an interchange format knwon to most stand alone EPROM programmers. Conversion from and to HEX can be done with hexbin.

Note that these ROMs contain copyrighted (but abandoned) software. If someone has a problem with this, let me know.

The following ROMS are tested only with the emulator and will work with the latest version (2017-04-02) only. Previous versions of the emulator did not support ROM sizes other than 32 kByte.

From the Discordia site:

Roms in cradle

The PX-4 uses special cradles to insert (EP)ROMs, but these are not essential. If you bend all the pins untill they point all exactly downwards, you can insert a EPROM without a cradle. The cradle socket connect pins fixate the EPROM pins. Be careful with removing the EPROM, as too much sideways force might bend the socket connections.

The words ROM and EPROM are used almost interchangeble, and in most cases they are. Only if you want to (re)program one there is a difference. With true ROMs, you can't. With EPROMs, you need a eraser (UV-C source) and a programmer.

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Last updated: 2022-09-18