The Epson PX-16

Here images of alternate configurations and modules

Epson PX-16 Printer H This printer is specially for the PX-16, somewhat higher than the PX-4 printers. It supports the PX-16 character set
Barcode reader This connects to a special connector at the right of the PX-16.
Touch screen/Keypad
Touch screen / Keypad This backlit touch screen / keypad cmbination, replaces the normal keyboard. The screen memory does not map to normal screen locations so it needs custom software to operate. The Keypad is part of the normal keyboard.
CRT/FDD cardridge
CRT/FDD cardridge This module replaces the LCD screen with a CRT and Floppy port. The CRT port is configurable to be MDA (monochrome 80x25) or CGA (color) compatible. The FDD port is used with the TF-16.
Serial Board
Dev/Serial board According to the PX-16 System Guide, this board can be used for software development for a PX-16 configuration using the LCD40 or the Touch Keyboard. A special PTL (PX-16 Terminal Link) board was available which also allowed development of special boards in the Expansion Interface bay, but the Serial board could be used too, it has a 'DEV' switch.
Cash Register
Cash register configuration (photo by Thomas) For cash register usage, the PX-16 could be configured with the components shown above. A Cash drawer would complete the set. This image I got from Thomas, a proud owner which has the LCD40 and the touch-keyboard. The LCD40 could display 40 * 10 characters or 320 * 80 dots. The Touchkey board is backlit and capable of 25 * 11 lines. The touch matrix is 12 * 8.
Terminal Link
PX-16 Terminal Link (PTL) or HIN-DEV board (photo by Thomas) The Terminal Link (also from Thomas) is a contraption which combines a serial port and with a port extender for development of special boards for the PX-16. The System ROM contains some hidden programs to re-route keyboard only (XKEY.COM or 1.BAT) or keyboard and screen (XMODE.COM/CTTY.COM or 0.BAT) over the serial port if no regular keyboard or screen is connected to the PX-16 (like with the Touch keyboard). The HOST at the other side of the serial like is suppost to have the following programs:
terminal and file transfer program. File transfer uses the FILINK protocol.
installer for XTERM.COM
program to create ROM image FAT file systems for the PX-16

Still looking for copies of these programs.

TF-16 TF-16 Terminal Floppy drive station (photo by Thomas) Several components for the PX-16 have a FDD connector. With the proper cable, a TF-16 unit could be connected. These units probably only contain the floppy drives and a power supply, unlike the similar looking TF-20 for the HX-20, PX-4 and PX-8.

Latest update: 2011-07-30