Re: Formatting JVC Drives In A 1520

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Posted by William Van Tuyl on April 01, 19100 at 16:27:51:

In Reply to: Formatting JVC Drives In A 1520 posted by Shawn on March 31, 19100 at 07:29:31:

Here is what the only tech at JVC that knows about these drives sent me:

JD-3824G is a 20MB hard disk drive that JVC made as one of OEM products.
This HDD was shipped to Laptop PC manufactures.

This HDD was discontinued about 10 years ago and JVC America does not have
detail information because of the OEM product.

This is the information that I have.
1. 3.5" 20MB Hard Disk Drive
2. JVC original interface (26 pin)
This is not the IDE interface. This drive was made long before IDE standard.
It required special controller board. This interface is not compatible with any other
disk interface.

Pin 1 GND
Pin 2 -Read Data
Pin 3 GND
Pin 4 -Write data
Pin 5 GND
Pin 6 Reserved
Pin 7 -Drive Select/+Power Save
Pin 8 -Ship Ready
Pin 9 GND
Pin 10 +Read/-Write control
Pin 11 -Motor On
Pin 12 Head Select(+Head 0/ - Head1)
Pin 13 -Direction In
Pin 14 -Step
Pin 15 -Write Fault
Pin 16 -Seek Complete
Pin 17 -Servo Gate
Pin 18 -Index
Pin 19 -Track 000
Pin 20 -Drive Ready
Pin 21 GND
Pin 22 +5V
Pin 23 GND
Pin 24 +5V
Pin 25 GND
Pin 26 +12V

3. Parameters( 2 heads, 34 sectors, 615 cylinders)
4. 2-7 RLL coding
5. Spindle Rotation: 2597 rpm
6. Data Transfer: 7.5M bps
7. Average Access: 78ms
8. Power Voltage: 5V and 12V
Jeff Kishida
JVC Americas, Corp.
Tel: 714-827-6267
Fax: 714-827-8740

: I have a GRiD 1520 and two hard drives.
: When I bought it, it had a 20 Meg JVC drive with
: a 26 pin interface. The drive is probably bad so
: I bought a 10 Meg JVC with the same interface. I found other
: problems and fixed them. Now, both drives spin up
: to speed, but I get "Hard Disk Diagnostic Failure" when
: I boot up the 1520. I get the same error with either
: drive.

: I have heard on an email list (
: that the drives were formatted at the factory. Does anyone
: have a "special" format utility for the 1520 or know
: how to format those type of drives. I tried to get technical
: help from JVC but the technical specs page is under
: construction. It's been 3 weeks and they haven't responded
: to my email. Any info/help would be appreciated.
: Thanks,
: -Shawn

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