CPU Z80 CPU high performance microprocessor with 158 instructions.
SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY Capable of executing Z80/8080/8085 machine language program.
RAM 2K bytes expandable to 4K bytes.
ROM 2K bytes of sophisticated monitor expandable to 8 K bytes.
INPUT/OUTPUT 24 system I/O lines.
MONITOR 2K bytes of sophisticated monitor. It scans the keyboard and executes the command entered immediately after power is turned on. The monitor includes: system initialization, keyboard scan, display scan, tape write and read.
DISPLAY 6 digit 0.5" red display.
AUDIO CASSETTE INTERFACE 165 bit per second average rate for data transfer between memory and cassette tape
EXTENSION CONNECTORS Provides all buses of CPU, channel singals of CTC and I/O port bus of PIO for user's expansion.
COUNTER TIMER CIRCUITS Circuits are provided.
PARALLEL I/O CIRCUITS Circuits are provided.
SPEAKER A 2.25"-diameter speaker is provided for user's applications.
USER AREA Provides a 3.5" x 1.36" wire wrapping area for user's expansion.
PHYSICAL DIMENSION 1.60mm (H) x 15.75cm (W) x 22.30cm (D)
POWER SUPPLY A 9V, 0.6A Adapter is provided.
USER'S AND EXPERIMENT MANUAL Complete self-learning text with experiments and applications.
KEYBOARD: 36 keys including 19 function keys, 16 hex-digit keys and 1 user defined key.
RS Reset the system.
ADDR Set memory address and display memory content.
DATA Input data to memory or register.
PC Recall program counter.
REG Select register and display contents of register.
+ Display content of next memory address or register.
- Display content of last memory address or register.
STEP Single step execution of user's program.
SBR Set break point of user's program.
CBR Clear break point of user's program.
MONI User's program break and return to monitor.
GO Execute the user's program.
INS Insert data of the address followed by the current display address.
DEL Delete data of the current display address.
MOVE Move memory block in the RAM.
RELA Relative address calculation, calculates and stores relative address.
TAPE WR Store data to the cassette tape.
TAPE RD Load data from the recorder.
INTR Maskable interrupt.
USER KEY User defined key.
O-F Hex-digits or register selection.