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IBM Portable Personal Computer 5155
IBM Portable PC The IBM Portable PC is a more or less portable version of the IBM PC (5150) with an amber colored small screen build-in. The graphics card is a standard color-graphics card, of which the internal monitor uses the internal composite connector.
Description The keyboard serves as bottom cover and is detachable with ingenious buttons. Electrically the keyboard is the same as the PC one, and only the connection seems different. But the telephone like receptable leads internally to the standard DIN plug at the back!
The IBM Portable Personal Computer 5155 weighs about 15 kilos.
Internals The 5155 has seven 8-bit ISA slots, but five of them are usable only for very short cards as the floppy drives use a large part of the space. This machine has a floppy controller card with an external connector for more floppies, a Color graphics/printer port card and a 384 kByte memory extension card (only 256 kByte on the main board).
The main board is probably identical to the one used in the IBM PC/XT.
Back At the back IBM designed a nice solution to protect the power and card connections.

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