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There are several wordprocessor packages for the HX-20:


This package includes a ROM and a tape. Alas the manual was missing.


No software, just the manual.


A tape and two manuals, a 1982 one describing APWRITE2 and a 1983 one describing APWRITE. Confusing.


Tape and manual. This wordprocessor is written in BASIC. The package is copyrighted by Eclectic Systems 1983 and marketed by Kuma Computers Limited. The tape has two versions, one for the internal 20 x 4 screen, and one for the external screen ('OVAL interface'). The program itself is installed in the HX-20 memory, but created texts must be written to tape or disk.

Most data here is based on a review that came with the package.

With the Expansion Unit installed, the default capacity is 167 lines of 80 characters. Nice thing is you can change the size used by the program by modifying line 1 of the BASIC program. The conclusion of the review is that it is slow (BASIC) and limited. Suitable only for short texts of one or two pages.

Contents of tape

Some screens:
Deskmaster-2/D V1.03

Copyright 1984
Eclectic Systems
Welcome screen
1.create     4.load
2.new text   5.save
3.edit       6.print
Main menu. Selecting 7. gives additional options, like delete document and exit.
This is a line of te
This is another line
* NT     1         2
NT-mode (new text entry).

There are three modes:

New Text Mode (NT)
Text entry with full screen update.
Fast New Text Mode (FT)
Text entry without screen update (internal screen version only). PF4 can be used to scroll the screen.
Edit Mode (ED)
Edit existing texts.

Some generic key definitions:

For (Fast) New Text Mode: toggle between Fast and normal.
For Edit Mode: insert blank line.
toggle between Edit Mode and (Fast) New Text Mode.
exit to MAIN MENU.


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