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I have had an Epson HX-20 handheld computer since 1983. Before that I had a Sharp PC1211 - either an overgrown calculator or a very small computer - just 1420 bytes of memory! My HX-20 has an expansion unit and microcassette unit (so it looks slightly different to the picture above). About 18 months after purchasing the HX-20, I bought the TF-20 disk drive unit which made life much easier!

The HX-20 was my primary computer until 1989 when I moved into "PC land". During that time I wrote several magazine articles and many programs including an environmental noise monitoring program which led to my current occupation (see for more information on this). I also wrote several programming tools both for my own use and for selling to other HX-20 owners.

These are listed below for anyone who is interested. Unfortunately I need to make a small charge for each program or tape/disk/eprom to cover my costs in duplicating manuals, disks, EPROMS, etc and the postage. Given the low level of demand, I will make up tapes etc to order - tell me what you want and I can then give you an idea of the cost (I/Ptolemy Services can accept credit cards, cheques in UK pounds and checks in US dollars).

Please email me with your requirements ( If you need programming done - I can quote on that as well :-)

Of course, if you would just like to have a chat or reminisce on the good old days of the HX-20 when 32K of RAM and a 20 x 4 character LCD were more than sufficient, then please get in touch.

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Definition of "expert":

ex = a "has-been",
spurt = a drip under pressure ;-)

Have you got a query about the HX-20? Maybe I can help. I still have all the technical manuals for the HX-20. I also used to get queries passed on to me by Epson UK - so someone thought I knew something ;-) .

Please email me at