DAI ROM Contents

Below is the contents of the DAI BASIC ROMS. There are three 2364 masked ROMs in the DAI, giving a total of 24 kByte. Because of paging, they occupy only 16 kByte in the memory map. Have to find out which ROM represents which part of the memory map.

These are the logic PROMs, an a form intended to see their function in the schematic:

The ROMS come in a 24 pin package. I used this adapter to read them into my EPROM programmer. Rom converter socket

The PROMs are in 16 pin packages. I read them with a custom build PROM reader. See this file for some info.

Info on the 2364 masked ROM can be found in the chipdir.

I refound the schema of the custom PROM reader.

Latest update: 2018-02-25