Memocom cassette Interface

Schema of the internal firmware board 300dpi scan

Firmware in HEX-Intel This is mapped to F000-F7FF

Internal 50 connector pinout.

Description of the interface.

ROM board component side (600dpi)

ROM board solder side (600dpi)

MDCR-DCE board component side (600dpi)

MDCR-DCE board solder side (600dpi)


DBL 2.* is the autoloader for MDCR systems. It consists of a boot loader program at the start of the tape. If the MTOS detects at reset the tape is write protected, it attempts to load a program "USER" from tape. This routine is started, and it loads and runs the next BASIC program, usually an index of programs. The version I have is 2.1.

To copy the boatloader, read it from tape with the monitor (UT) with R. Then load a new empty, rewound tape and write it with W2F0 40A USER, ('2F0' and '40A' being start and end address of the routine).

This information is from: DAInamic 12, p.283-288;

Updated: 2012-05-18